All confirmed Battlefield 2042 maps

Battlefield 2042 features an overall of 7 maps at launch. The map areas are spread out all throughout the world and include a range of landscapes and surface. These maps have actually been made so that they can quickly accommodate Battlefield” s huge 128 gamer count.

This short article showcases allBattlefield 2042 maps Apart from the following, remastered variations of some traditional maps from the Battlefield franchise are likewise pertaining to Website.


hourglass battlefield 2042
Image by means of EA
  • Place – Doha, Qatar
  • Description – “Battle in a city lost to the desertification around it. Huge dust and sand storms are continuously rolling in, blotting out the natural light, as you fight for control of a convoy caught in the moving sands.”

Disposed Of

discarded battlefield 2042
Image by means of EA
  • Place – Alang, India
  • Description – “Along a tactical area of India’s west coast, gigantic ships stranded on the beach are being removed for parts. Battle amongst the hulls of these leviathans while adjusting to fatal storms.”

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manifest battlefield 2042
Image by means of EA
  • Place – Brani Island, Singapore
  • Description – “Look out for tropical twisters and browse through maze-like freight containers in this essential trade place, essential to American supply lines.”


kaleidoscope battlefield 2042
Image by means of EA
  • Place – Songdo, South Korea
  • Description – “In a state-of-the art metropolitan area in South Korea, zipline in between high-rise buildings and battle amongst the plazas surrounding the city’s renowned information center.”


orbital battlefield 2042
Image by means of EA
  • Place – Kourou, French Guiana
  • Description – “It’s a race versus time and hostile conditions as you battle around the website of an impending rocket launch. Look out for both opponent fire and upcoming storms on this vibrant map.”


breakaway battlefield 2042
Image by means of EA
  • Place – Queen Maud Land, Antarctica
  • Description – “Tread thoroughly on this vibrant map, where oil extraction has actually turned the freezing location to a tactical location. Make the most of destructible fuel tanks and silos that develop particles fields and long-term fires when ruined.”


renewal battlefield 2042
Image by means of EA
  • Place – Eastern Desert, Egypt
  • Description – “A huge wall, constructed to protect abundant, manufactured farming locations, takes spotlight on this extreme map. Get ready for the severe conditions, release, and protect the gain access to points and huge gates in the wall.”

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