Best Personalities to pick in Miitopia

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A Mii’s character impacts 2 vital things: how they act throughout fight and how they act throughout particular occasions. There are 7 personalities in Miitopia: Kind, Energetic, Easygoing, Cool, Airheaded, Stubborn, and Careful. All of them have their favorable and unfavorable peculiarities, and a few of them are much better fit for particular tasks. Personalities can be switched anytime.

That stated, listed below are the very best personalities in Miitopia.

1. Cool

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The Cool character matches any task, though they’re much better on Miis that deal great damage on their regular attacks, such as Tanks and Vampires. This is due to the fact that among their favorable peculiarity is Pressure Point, which deals crucial damage on a regular attack. They can likewise often disregard status impacts and evade attacks.

Nevertheless, these Miis are likewise too Cool to cover for an ally often (however it does not trigger quarrels, so it’s alright). They likewise quit after one digging effort. Cool Miis should not be taken to the Library because they do not like checking out with other Miis.

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2. Easygoing

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Easygoing Miis are so chill that they entirely disregard any inbound status impacts. They will likewise get these random minutes of focus that will double the result of any ability they utilize. The Easygoing character likewise sometimes slacks off, cutting the MP required to utilize an ability in half. They’re best appointed to damage dealerships and therapists like Mages and Elves.

Nevertheless, they have a lots of unfavorable peculiarities that can construct Animosity gradually, such as taking an ally’s product or making an ally take damage suggested for them. Similar To Cool Miis, they will quit after one digging effort.

3. Persistent

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Persistent Miis will often brace themselves for effect, taking just half the damage they’re expectedto They’re likewise so Persistent that they’ll assault a 2nd time on celebration. Plus, they will keep digging throughout buried treasure occasions till they advance, though it diminishes their HP on every effort.

Nevertheless, they will decline aid from an ally (such as heals and enthusiasts) frequently, reproducing a great deal of Animosity. Jobs that have high HP/DEF and reasonably high ATK, like Warriors, are much better off Stubborn. Tanky therapists like the Chef might likewise take advantage of persisting because recovery allies raise the love meter anyhow.

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