Does Call of Duty: Vanguard have FOV settings?

Image by means of Treyarch YouTube

Call of Task: Vanguard does have FOV settings. The FOV settings are offered on both PC, current-gen, and next-gen consoles. Gamers will have the ability to change the FOV settings in Multiplayer and Zombies mode at launch.

Console gamers will more than happy to understand that Call of Task: Vanguard will have FOV settings. Although Black Ops Cold War had FOV settings for the console, there was a possibility that the Vanguard engine would not support the FOV settings progressing. It is absolutely great news for current-gen console gamers because some functions were anticipated to be neglected from the older consoles.

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There is still no verification if Call of Task: Vanguard will have FOV settings when incorporated into Warzone. Console gamers presently do not have FOV settings in Warzone throughout both Cold War and Modern Warfare. The expect console gamers is that Vanguard will lastly present FOV settings to Warzone on the console.

It is possible that Vanguard introduces without any FOV settings in Warzone however might include it with a future upgrade. In the meantime, gamers can delight in changing the FOV slider in Multiplayer and Zombies to discover the best view of the action.

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