How to find your friends in Lost Ark – Switch Channel explained

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Lost Ark is an MMO, so naturally, you can welcome and have fun withyour friends If you do this in a city, such as the beginning city of Prideholme, you can see your friends immediately, however it” s another thing totally when you leave Prideholme and go into the location of Loghill.

Your friends might have vanished from your video game, although you’re still in the exact same celebration. So how can you find your friends once again?

Due to this being an MMO, there are numerous levels of instancing, so not all the server’s whole population is in the exact same circumstances. However in Lost Arks case, these are called Channels. If your friends are not in the exact same channel as you, their names will be greyed out on the left side of the screen, and below your friends’ names will be a little text stating Ch.75 or something comparable. This number represents what channel they are in.

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However you can alter your channel to match theirs, or vice versa, so that you can roam around together. To do this, hold down Ctrl and Left Click their name, a menu will appear. In this menu, click Switch to gamers channel. After a black screen and a time out, you will have filled in your good friend’s channel, and you can play together if there is no Ch. X next to anybody’s name, you are in the exact same channel.

If you are having fun with a couple of friends, everyone has to sign up with a single person’s channel by doing this, which’s all you require to do. You might have to repeat this procedure each time you log off. However it’s an easy procedure to do.

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