How to get Prime Gaming Rewards for Destiny 2

Prime Gaming has actually ended up being a popular center for additional in-game cosmetics and products throughout a wide variety of video games. And when it comes to Destiny 2, Bungie is no complete stranger to additional in-game loot for Guardians. Bungie has actually just recently revealed a brand-new package of Prime Gaming rewards now readily availablefor Destiny 2 From now on, a brand-new package will be readily available monthly for the next 12 months.

These brand-new rewards are a collection of various in-game products that can typically be opened or bought through the Eververse shop. However for Amazon Prime members, these rewards can be acquired for complimentary. Here” s how.

Get Your Free Equipment

Step one

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Initially, start by opening Twitch and logging into your account if you are not currently. In the upper right corner of the screen click the Crown symbol It might have a little red number connected to the icon if you have not accessed it in a while.

Action 2

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When you click the symbol, a drop-down menu ought to open. Scroll down simply a bit and you ought to see a package called Destiny 2: The Cup of Tea Exotic Package Drop Below the accompanying image, there will be a purple Claim button Click that, and carry on to the next action.

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Action 3

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Now, you will be directed to the prime gaming site including Destiny 2 drops. Simply below the included image, the very first package will have a huge blue Claim Now button above it. Click that, and carry on to the next action.

Action 4

Next, follow the on-screen triggers to begin connecting your Amazon account to your Bungle account You will become rerouted to the Bungie site. Pick the platform on which you play Destiny 2, indication into that account, and when you are restored to the Prime Gaming site, click Total Claim at the bottom of the page.

Which’s it! You can now get your brand-new package of rewards by logging onto Destiny 2, going to the Tower, and paying a check out to Amanda Holliday in the Garage. She will have your brand-new Prime Gaming equipment.

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