When can you use/get a mount in Lost Ark Closed Beta – Trace the Stone Tablet Main Quest

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If you are playing the Lost Ark Closed Beta, you get 40,000 complimentary Royal Crystals free of charge. These crystals can be bought on a wide variety of things inside the in- video game store– things such as animals, skins, and installs.

You can get 2 installs quickly from the in- video game shop, a Flashing Black Cloud and a Cold White Cloud However you can not ride them yet. If you effort to, a message will appear stating–you should initially finish the Mount quest prior toyou can However you do get a complimentary mount from the main quest, Trace the Stone Tablet.

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This quest is readily available not long into the video game. You should initially do a variety of missions around Loghill. The last part of this quest–Trace the Stone Tablet– is to speak with Kahan about the Tablet’s location.

The 2nd you speak with Kahan, the quest is finished, and you get a mount slot and a option of 3 horses. However if you currently have actually bought among the Cloud installs, you can now equip it into your hotbar and wander around the location quicker.

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